2015 marks the 25th year of Mamma’s Hands’ work helping people in crisis regain their dignity and return as productive members of society. In addition, our Founders have embarked on a 1 year journey starting this September!

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Amazon has made it easy to help out Mamma’s Hands and the House of Hope while doing your normal online shopping. We hope you will read more about these two features and consider using them in the future.

Amazon Smile

By shopping at smile.amazon.com, and if you select Mamma’s Hands as your preferred charity, 0.5% of the sale price of each item purchased will be donated to Mamma’s Hands. You can learn more about this program and how to enroll by following the link below.

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Wish Lists

Everyday items needed at the House of Hope will be added to a public Wish List. Follow the link below to view items needed at the House of Hope. You can purchase them and have them shipped directly to Mamma’s Hands.
Amazon Wish List

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“The statistics on domestic violence are indeed sobering, and they remind us why we started the HOUSE of HOPE program, and why we continue to ask for your support to maintain and enhance these important services for women and their children in crisis.

Many larger shelters serve hundreds of families each year, but because of the sheer numbers they need to serve in order to qualify for government funding, nearly all of them have restrictive time limits on how long clients can stay. Their purpose is to get people off the streets, referred to agencies, and on their way. Due to funding source requirements, the population they serve often bounces from shelter to shelter, and exhaust their options before they have received the fundamental help they need. They “fall through the cracks” in the system— 69% of these families return to homelessness…”

READ the attached Newsletter to find about more about what sets Mamma’s Hands apart and how we address Quality vs Quantity.

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Keep the dream alive for the woman and children that Mamma’s Hands and the HOUSE of HOPE help each day.  This video, prepared for the 17th Annual Dinner and Auction Event to benefit the HOUSE of HOPE, closes with the words of one former resident:

“I hope you know how much it means to me, to be in a safe place, finally.  I’ll be there.  Please don’t give my spot away.”

With your help–We’ll be there!

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The Issaquah+Sammamish magazine featured an article online about the beginnings of the HOUSE of HOPE. Check out the original article here >> issaquahsammamish.com.

Thank you Paul Fraser for sharing the HOPE of Mamma’s Hands.

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Denny’s incredible experience at the County Line Cafe could have been all but forgotten were it not for a simple song he wrote that evening in 1990.  He’d made a habit of putting .  After his encounter with the homeless father and son, he wrote “The County Line Cafe”.  After sharing it with a friend, he felt strongly that he needed to act on his renewed faith that “We’re all children of our Father in Heaven”.  This song marks the beginning of Mamma’s Hands incredible story.

“The County Line Cafe”

County Line Cafe


At the County Line Cafe I was sitting passing time away When in walked a father and his son. They were rough as they could be, They sat down right next to me I turned away as if to shun. Judge not, lest ye be not judged A voice came ringing through my soul. We’re all children, of our father in Heaven. He loves them, so should I I turned to take a second look, I saw his hands and how they shook, and then he fell down to the floor…

For years Mamma’s Hands assisted a local mission with their program:



The inspiration behind the House of Hope was a shelter in Chicago, run by a few loving nuns:)

“Woodlawn Avenue”

Woodlawn Avenue


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