House of Hope

The House of Hope in western Washington, provides a safe and secure 24-hour living environment for women and children in crisis.

Patterned after the nationally recognized St. Martin De Porres Shelter in Chicago and operating under “tough love” principles, the house provides training, counseling, and education to the residents. This helps the resident women break away from the cycle of dependency and realize a future which is positive and self-sustaining. Ultimately, the mothers who choose to put their children’s needs first and commit to a new and better pattern of life are helped in the transition to independent living. Many of the follow up services being provided naturally by their new community of families and friends becomes a positive and functional part of their lives. Other goals of the House of Hope are:

  • Provide group and individual counseling, along with family counseling for the women and their children.
  • Provide educational, personal development and life skills training, including budgeting income and assessing their individual talents.
  • Provide an environment for and teaching of family values along with parenting and family life classes and aid in structuring a new living situation.
  • Provide educational and social development to preschool age children
  • Provide nutritionally balanced meals.
  • Develop an appreciation for and a practice of cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Provide follow up services to former residents after they leave the shelter to ensure successful independent living.
  • Our residents come to appreciate the help they receive and are more inclined to give back to the community.

STATISTICS about our residents/applicants:

80% of women seeking shelter at House of Hope have experienced domestic violence

The greatest needs of applicants are: housing (100%), mental health counseling (68%), and clothing (64%)

When applying to House of Hope, 60% of applicants were staying in a motel or a homeless shelter.


The HOUSE of HOPE offers and connects with countless services to help residents regain hope, dignity and self-esteem, and to move toward a self-reliant future. We at Mamma’s Hands strive to provide all these services, nonetheless, the progress of our residents depends on each individual’s commitment and personal effort to succeed. These services include:

  • Weekly individual meetings on-site with a mental health therapist.
  • Weekly group therapy sessions alternating between Family Development and Domestic Violence.
  • Parenting classes.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings: Women suffering these addictions are required to attend a minimum of once a week. These meetings are sponsored by a number of external organizations and we help our residents with transportation as required.
  • Certified trainers deliver the renowned Breaking Barriers program.
  • Preparing legal declarations on residents’ behalf, such as program milestones.
  • Assisting in obtaining professional legal counsel as needed.
  • Moral support: Accompanying residents to court and legal meetings to help them overcome the fear and trauma of facing their abusers.
  • Assistance in navigating systems and resources for attending on-campus and online GED prep and college courses, and specialized job training.
  • Job skills and job search assistance.
  • Help with cooking and home efficiency.
  • Budget and money management.
  • Home and auto care.
  • Monthly Book Club.
  • Weekly Arts and Crafts.
  • Outings to parks, bowling, theater, etc.
  • On-site supervised activities provided for children during key classes allowing moms to focus.
  • A restful and relaxing wilderness environment.
  • Drug testing performed on a regular basis.
  • Nutrition and wellness guidance.
  • Guidance around fitness and techniques for stress relief.
  • Raising self-awareness. Mental health specialist for group sessions.
  • Residents are introduced to various housing specialists to prepare for a smooth transition upon graduating our program.
  • Assistance with start-up supplies for new home.

For more information please call (425) 802-9595. 

Complete this Intake Form if you are looking to become a resident of House of Hope: