Phone Home

It’s incredible what one phone call home can do.  For the homeless in Seattle, sometimes it’s the difference between staying on and getting off the streets.  The Mamma’s Hands Phone Home Program provides an innovative opportunity for the homeless to reconnect with supportive family and help them make one more step toward a safe and productive life.  Armed with cellular phones, we drive a bus full of eager volunteers every Wednesday evening to downtown Seattle. Once there, the phones are distributed among the homeless, allowing them to contact their families and perhaps arrange a way to return home. Thanks to a few phones and hundreds of faithful volunteers, Mamma’s Hands has reunited over a thousand homeless with their families.
Mamma’s Hands has made an effort to use local area youth to staff the truck, manage the cell phones and provide food, blankets and a listening ear. These activities have given many young people an understanding of community needs and a joy that comes only through helping others. The relationship between those who serve and those who are served has become one of mutual trust and hope. If you would like to volunteer for this program and schedule a date, either as an individual or as a high school, church, or corporate group, please sign up by clicking on Reserve a Date at the right side of this page. The Mamma’s Hands bus leaves the Eastgate Dairy Queen located at 3080 148th Ave SE, Bellevue for downtown Seattle each Wednesday at 6:00p.m., and returns at about 8 p.m.
If you are homeless and are looking to reunite with your family, you can find us each Wednesday night, at 7 PM, at Occidental Park on Washington and Occidental in downtown Seattle.
Group Leaders:  please call us at 425 802-9595 the day of your group’s participation so that we can remind you of what to bring and any other last-minute information.  

Bus Schedule

July 5, 2017Denny and friends
July 12, 2017Redmond 3rd LDS
July 19, 2017Cultural Care Au Pair
July 26, 2017Reserve a Date!
August 2, 2017Denny and friends
August 9, 2017Reserve a Date!
August 16, 2017Ricks Family
August 23, 2017Keri Bullock and Friends
August 30, 2017Reserve a Date!
September 6, 2017Denny and friends
September 13, 2017Reserve a Date!
September 20, 2017Reserve a Date!
September 27, 2017Reserve a Date!
October 4, 2017Denny and friends
October 11, 2017Reserve a Date!
October 18, 2017Reserve a Date!
October 25, 2017Reserve a Date!